if you want to be a writer, you have to read.

if you want to create compelling audio, you have to listen.


Slow Radio: The Silence of the Monastery

The concept of Slow Radio is brilliant: real sounds from real life - not rushed, not hyper-edited - just presented to you, directly and clearly. I advise you to browse the Slow Radio collection… There are so many to choose from (I also love the walks through the English countryside), but this piece, set in a quiet Monastery, is particularly beautiful and meditative. It is a unique thing to find an audio series devoted to the principle of “quiet.” There are four other episodes set at the Monastery and I highly recommend listening to them all.

Joe Frank: Dreamers - On “Unfictional”  

Joe Frank is the David Lynch of radio. Enough said.

(Warning: Contains some disturbing content)

This American Life: One Last Thing Before I Go

A phone booth in Japan that bridges the gap between the living and the dead.

HowSound: Don’t Write, Tell

The clearest explanation of what makes good radio writing - “pretend you’re meeting a friend at a bar - how do you tell them the story?”